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What is it?

A visual dialogue format including a competition involving students

How does it work?

Dutch diplomats and local students discuss international and local challenges around (an article of the Universal Declaration of) Human Rights at a school, university or other public space of your choice.

– Use the cartoons as a starting point to discuss the UDHR in general or zoom into particular HR most relevant in the context of your country.
– Possibility to team up with a local cartoonist to provide a joint workshop.
– Challenge students to photograph, draw, or otherwise document their action for human rights.

This collaboration is between Hague Talks, Justice Hub and the Cartoon Movement.

The best ideas will be part of an exhibition and travel the world including the Peace Palace in The Hague and possibly the UN mission in Geneva on World Peace Day 21 September and UN day 24 October.

The best idea will be invited on Human Rights Day 2019 to The Hague to take part in a Hague Talks in the Peace Palace.

The cartoon competition will continue in 2020.

For more information and submitting your action plan: Contact us or email COM-posten@minbuza.nl